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Good health starts with prevention. At Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates, board-certified family physician Bridget Bellingar, DO, and her team in North Seminole, Florida, offer well-women care to provide the examinations and health screenings you need to improve your wellness and well-being. To schedule your well-women care exam, call the office or use the online booking button.

Well Women Care

What is well-women care?

Both men and women suffer from many of the same health issues. However, because of their reproductive organs, women have different health needs. Well-women care refers to the wellness exams women need to assess overall health and wellness, screen for conditions that only affect women, and provide care focused on women’s unique health needs.

How often do I need a well-women care exam?

The team at Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates determines the frequency of your well-women care exams. However, to stay on top of your health, it’s generally recommended that you have a wellness exam annually. 

The full-service family medicine practice can manage both your gynecological and general health needs. 

What can I expect during a well-women care exam?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation during a well-women care exam. During your well-women care exam, your health care provider:

  • Reviews your medical and medication history
  • Discusses your gynecological history
  • Assesses your body composition
  • Checks your blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Listens to your heart and breath sounds
  • Evaluates your ears, nose, eyes, and throat
  • Conducts a physical and breast exam

The team may also suggest health screenings based on your age and family history, such as a Pap smear, mammogram, and/or bone density test.

To assist with family planning, the team at Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates may also provide a birth control prescription. 

What is a Pap smear?

The Pap smear is a health screening for cervical cancer. Starting at age 21 and up through 65, all women should have a Pap smear every 1-2 years. If you’re 30 or older and you’ve had three negative Pap smears in a row, you may be able to reduce your Pap smear screenings to once every three years. Women 65 and over who’ve had negative Pap smears over 10 years may be able to stop the screenings altogether. 

Annual Pap smears are recommended to women of all ages who have new sexual partners.

For comprehensive care from a team who can manage your whole health, call Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates or click the online booking button.

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